• Why automated email marketing should be part of your home improvement lead generation strategy

    You’re probably generating leads through your website, at home shows and maybe a through remodeling sweepstakes contest. But, what do you do with the ones that don’t sell immediately?  The right answer is to nurture those leads with automated email marketing (sometimes called drip marketing, or marketing automation.) What is marketing automation? Marketing automation, or

  • What’s your follow up plan?

    Trade shows are a tried-and-true method for generating leads for your home improvement company. They give you the opportunity to be in a room full of interested, motivated homeowners, and the chance to pitch them face-to-face. We’ve seen contractors get really creative with how to entice people to stop by their booth, how to get

  • Why you need a Buyer’s Guide

    We’ve worked with several home improvement companies, with specialties ranging from outdoor pool installation to bathroom remodeling. But across the board, we’ve seen one piece of marketing consistently perform well on all fronts, and that’s a Buyer’s Guide. So what’s so great about a buyer’s guide? First of all, it’s one of the only evergreen

  • How your out-of-date website can hurt your business

    It’s 2017, we know that the internet is here to stay and that having an online presence is important for businesses. It’s a way to showcase your services, to prove that you’re an expert in your field, and to find new leads who start every home improvement project with a Google search. Some people think

  • 5 Tips for Responding to Reviews to Generate Home Improvement Leads

    As a contractor, reviews are important to your business leads. Your website is no longer the only place that customers can go for information about your business. Sites like Yelp, Angie’s List, Facebook and Houzz have all given the power of reviews to the consumer, allowing your customers to connect with each other to share

  • Use Remarketing to Generate Quality Home Improvement Leads

    You’ve certainly experienced this before: you’re surfing the internet for a new set of tools. You find the perfect one, but you’re not ready to buy just yet. Even though you didn’t give the website any of your personal information, suddenly you start to see ads for the toolset all over the internet – on ESPN

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